Grade Level 5-8

Grade Level 9-12

Weather + Climate Day is the culmination of the Weather + Climate Contest. Students from across Maryland have submitted entries exploring the science of climate change, how it is impacting Maryland, its communities and the world and what can be done to address its impacts.  

Participation in the contest and in Weather + Climate Day provides an opportunity for students, their teachers, their families, and the general public to learn about climate change, how it is influencing us now and will in the future.

Convened in partnership with some of Maryland’s leading environmental organizations and agencies, W+C Day at the National Aquarium offers educational activities and presentations from a host of experts, including:  

  • Local TV meteorologists, ready to answer your questions
  • Sea level rise scientists demonstrating how your neighborhood may be impacted
  • Answers to questions about what's happening to marine life as the Chesapeake Bay warms
  • Learn about energy-saving tips and solutions you can use now
  • Find out answers to questions like, "is it getting hotter? wetter?"
  • Find out where your electricity comes from!
  • ... and so much more

Come to the National Aquarium on Saturday, April 9, from 1 to 5pm to meet our experts and see the winning presentations from 3:30 to 4:30pm.

501 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 476-3800


Weather + Climate Day is brought to you by Climate Central, the National Aquarium and the Town Creek Foundation.